Pyrrhic Victory

Torpedoes in the water

When I accused them of having offices adjacent the European Union in Brussels, solely for facilitating covert recruitment of politicians in high offices, I assumed they would not hear me. It would seem I was mistaken!

Screenshot from Cold-Waters, a well-known submarine-game.

Pyrrhus was the leader of one of the Greek colonies in Italy at the start of the Roman expansion across the ‘Italian’ peninsula (3rdC. BCE).
While he won both the ‘Battle of Heraclea’ and the ‘Battle of Asculum’, and lost less soldiers then the Romans did in either of those battles, he painfully realised that the Romans could better afford these losses than he could afford his own. It is from his apocryphal statement that we derive the notion of a Pyrrhic victory:

“If we are victorious in one more battle with the Romans, we shall be utterly ruined”

Imagine you are a submarine-captain and while underway and unescorted you encounter an enemy carrier-group by chance. Obviously you find yourself instantly in a dilemma of deadly proportions.
Engaging such an overwhelming force alone is clearly suicide and a waste of a good sub (not to mention your good looks). On the other hand however, you are a warship and not doing anything is not really an option either.
So you stick up the periscope and decide to hit a target that will hurt the enemy enough, but not so much as to make him risk breaking formation and come after you. You plot a firing-solution for the replenishment-tanker and dive back to 500-feet before snapshotting tubes 1 and 2.
A couple of minutes later everyone hears the two torpedoes hit their target and a loud sheer goes through the boat. Then ‘sonar’ comes on the ‘comm’ and flatly reports the replenishment-tanker breaking-up as well as one other ship,.. probably a capital ship!
Now everybody on board turns awfully quiet. You hurt the fleet way more than you intended and they will come after you. David has stung a fleet of Goliaths and if any Goliath can find David, it won’t end like in ‘Da Good Book’ at all.

This is an all too accurate metaphor for the situation I now find myself in. I lobbed a volley of torpedoes at an immensely connected and powerful religious-organisation with dubious morals, in the total conviction that they would not notice this or would not care if they did. But now ‘sonar’ has come back to me and has not only reported that they noticed, but even worse, it seems they care! Now it seems my only chance left is to escape their detection and my ’sub’ is not designed to run that quietly.

I have waited for a long time to talk about them again, going ‘deep and quiet’, hoping they’d leave. But I feel I need to come up now to send out a message in case they are already on to me and plan to sink me. In doing so I may be invoking the very fate I’m trying to avoid. Another way in which the submarine metaphor is aptly chosen.

You will notice that I’m not going to link back to the original posts (see image below) or put tags that might draw their attention. My hope is that given the time-passed that they’ll have lost interest or at least lost enough interest to not read everything I put out; and that this text will escape their attention. I will not mention their name and only refer to them as Xenuphobes, which is just a small word and accurate enough a description.

To rehash what happened: In one of my posts on the Xenuphobes I made a huge deal about how in 2003 they had opened an International office near European Union in Brussels.
I mentioned that given the prices in that neighborhood this was a weird location. I discussed how it was actually better located as a lobbying-base/targeted-recruitment-centre than as a administrative centre for their church (on the other part of town) and accused them of attempts to illicitly subvert European institutions.

Screenshot of the way the International office is presented on their website
Screenshot of the way the International office is presented on their website. Notice the current address and the lovely night-photo.
Photo of the a lot less glamorous International office a few months ago.
Photo of the a lot less glamorous International office a few months ago.
Image of the plaque marking their office.
Image of the plaque marking their office.
Picture of the embossed glace panel.
Picture of the embossed glace panel.

Now you may of course call it coincidence, but after 14 years of not-budging and acting under the radar, the Xenuphobes have now suddenly closed (and I assume moved) that office merely months after I plastered maps of its location all over my site. A move, by the way, they did not mention on their website where they still list the old address (with a photo that is much too flattering for the actual building). Now ‘sonar’ might still be wrong, and I kinda hope they are, but according to them this is the sound of a capital-ship breaking up.

Image of the abandoned office still listed on their website.
Image of the abandoned office still listed on their website.
The plaque clearly removed.
The plaque clearly removed.
The glace panel painted over.
The glace panel painted over.

Another way a submarine-captain knows a battle-group is on to him is when all of a sudden all vesels start pinging away with active sonar. Shortly after my series on the Xenuphobes I got a couple of ‘pings’ clearly designed to make me cavitate and give away my position. I can’t disclose what the pings consisted of since this would be exactly what they’d need, but it was clear enough that someone out-there had a good hunch about who I was and was likely trying to make me confirm it.
It also might have been a warning, both telling me that they know who I am and that my physical fortresses will not keep me safe; In which case I am now in violation of ‘being warned’ and may have called their true wrath upon me. There is frankly no way for me to know.

How Introduced the post previously.
How I introduced the post previously.
How close the headquarters used to be to the European Union.
Image showing how close the headquarters used to be to the European Union

I’m not sure how strong their hunch was. I haven’t heard any ’pings’ since then nor did they unleash their debt-charges on me. But it is safe to say that when I heard those pings bouncing off my hull my blood froze, while my mind was bouncing between disbelieve and despair.
Admitted, these ‘pings’ might still have been from non-Xenu-origins, though I have no reason to think that the Roman Catholic church, to name one, is very upset with me.

So I’m basically writing this to say that I am not depressed or suicidal and that the only way I would ever even consider suicide would be when death was already inevitable and expected to be inhumanely cruel.
I also don’t entertain fantasies of atheistic-martyrdom. I want to live, I’m way to curious not to. But if it comes to it I’d also hope to carry myself with dignity, while starring death in the face. Not that I actually realistically think they would ‘suicide’ me. Then again, for people who’ve never ‘suicided’ other people, it still happens around them awfully often, so there’s that.

I assume Xenuphobic leadership must not have been all too happy with this publicity, since they ordered the move. At least they don’t seem to be of the opinion that there is no such thing as negative-publicity. They haven’t listed a new address which they would have if it was a planned move. Nor do they mention anywhere the fact that they’d be closing an office they seemed so proud of before. I’m really curious if they will ‘phoenix’ this office in some other part of Brussels; Because if they don’t that would be a tacit confirmation that the office only served its purpose at the place it was located.

My real worry however lays with the local Org, where people may have had a 72h work-punishment or more for being in a ‘condition of doubt’ and not ‘having their ethics in’. They possibly really hate me by now. Please know that it is never my intention to cause harm, directly or indirectly, and if people suffered because of me I do regret that. One can only hope they’d one day realise that it was not me that was actually punishing them, and that no punishment was required.

Still, I do not regret my actions overall. I perhaps could have done it better in other circumstances, but I doubt even more effort would have yielded a conclusion more to the Xenuphobes liking, quite the contrary.

Now, having scored what I consider to be a Pyrrhic victory, apart from slightly paranoid I am also rather proud. I am but a very small submarine and they are a very big fleet and to score even a minor hit against them is a mayor feat. To slow the machine down for just a moment is more than anyone can hope to achieve.
If by my actions some poor aid of some not-so-poor Euro-commissioner is now not dragged into the nets of the Xenuphobes that is a bigger victory than I could possibly have hoped to achieve with this blog.

Still it would be unfortunate if it had to cost me my boat.

Hope to see y’all again.

Live Long and Prosper


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